Pembrokeshire: Journeys & Stories

Language: English

Illustrated by: Jeremy Moore

ISBN: 9781848510869

Current Publication Date: 2011

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 156

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To journey through Pembrokeshire is to be told a series of gripping stories. Written in the sand of its beautiful beaches, and whispered by the wind and the waves, these stories are etched on each cape and cliff-top, some caught in knotted nets, others clinging defiantly to gates and thickets. And it is these strands that Trevor Fishlock has collected and woven together to create this informed and lyrical insight into the history, geography, industry and culture of this most absorbing of counties. Pembrokeshire’s charm and mystery is captured in Jeremy Moore’s stunning photography, as he too takes us on a journey full of wildlife, wonder and whim.

The words and images combine to celebrate the Pembrokeshire so beloved by all who live, work and visit there; the Pembrokeshire of the fisherman and the farmer, the soldier and the surfer, the tourist and the pilgrim.