Press Release: Straeon Nos Da i Bob Rebel o Ferch

Thatcher out, Lowri in!


Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been superseded by the Welsh adventurer and ultra-marathon runner Lowri Morgan in a new version of a best-selling book on female heroes.

On October 11 – to co-incide with International Day of The Girl - book publisher Gomer will release a Welsh language adaptation of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women by American authors Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.

The launch will take place at Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera – Lowri’s old school where she will be putting a group of youngsters through their paces with a motivational talk, team building exercises and a cross-country run.

Straeon Nos Da i Bob Rebel o Ferch – which is aimed at children aged 7 upwards – contains 100 bedtime stories about the life of 100 extraordinary women past and present all written in the style of a fairytale or bed-time read. The book is illustrated by 60 female artists from all over the world.

The English-language version, which was launched earlier this year, has topped the best-seller charts and has been popular with children and adults alike.

The international version includes the story of Margaret Thatcher and when it came to the Welsh version, Meirion Davies, Gomer’s Head of Publishing wanted a Welsh role model, so Maggie was out and Lowri was included.

“Lowri is an ideal role model for young people – she has worked so hard – fighting through pain and injury to become one of the world’s leading ultra-marathon runners.”

Welsh-speaker Lowri Morgan, originally from Swansea, is an award-winning television presenter, an accomplished musician and an endurance marathon runner. She has run in and won some of the most extreme races in the World.

Lowri is one of only six people ever to have finished the 350-mile non-stop 6633 Ultra Marathon in the Arctic. She completed the Jungle Marathon in the Amazon – out of the 150 top runners only 50 crossed the finish line and Lowri was in the Top 10. All this after being told she would never run again following a serious knee operation.

And it is this feat that has been turned into a bed-time story to inspire both girls and boys.

Lowri said she was delighted when Gomer approached her to be included in Straeon Nos Da i Bob Rebel o Ferch.

“I was absolutely thrilled to have the story of my life included. I was already aware of the book because several of my friends were reading it to their daughters and I had heard that is was an excellent book. It is definitely something I’d read to my son Gwilym,” said Lowri.

Despite having ousted Mrs Thatcher from the Welsh version of the book, Lowri does admire the Iron Lady.

“Whatever your politics, you have to admit that Margaret Thatcher was a remarkable woman – she was the UK’s first woman Prime Minister – this was an amazing achievement.

“But she was a politician – it is difficult to compare her achievements to mine. She ran the country – I ran the Amazon.  Everybody is exceptional in their own way and different things drive different people.”

Although the book is about inspiring women, Lowri is keen to point out that the book is also relevant to boys.

“It is important that boys have positive female role models and are aware at an early age of the achievements of women in art, politics, music, science – all walks of life and through many periods in our history.”

Straeon Nos Da i Bob Rebel o Ferch by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, adapted into Welsh by Angharad Elen and published by Gomer, is available now priced £14.99 in local bookshops or directly from the Gwales website

Lowri Morgan will be at Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera from 9.30am-11.30am on October 11, 2017. For further details, please contact Gomer marketing officer Cathryn Ings by e-mail  or phone on 01267 221400.


Some facts about Good night stories for Rebel Girls:

  • Good night stories for Rebel Girls was launched in America in April 2016 following a crowd-funding campaign with a target of $40,000. The campaign far out-stripped expectations raising $675,614.
  • Nearly 600,000 copies have been sold worldwide

  • Margaret Thatcher has been taken out of the Welsh version and has been replaced by ultra-marathon runner Lowri Morgan.

  • The book has been translated into 33 languages including German, Catalan, Dutch, Spanish, French Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish.

  • The Welsh and German versions of the book are the only adaptations which have replaced one of the original 100 women in the American version with a person from that country.