Press Release: Glas a Gwyrdd by Eiry Miles.

THE mean streets of London provided the inspiration – and an unique research opportunity – for a West Wales author’s first novel Glas a Gwyrdd  (Blue and Green) - GOMER.

Eiry Miles travelled from West Wales to learn more about the life of a woman police officer in England’s capital city and used the experience to create her main character PC Carys Jones.

Carys is a girl from the country but now works as a police officer in a violent, crime-ridden part of London. As part of the research for her novel, Eiry spent time with a woman police officer and the result is an exciting, edgy story which recreates the hurly-burly of city life.

“I had a good friend who was working for the Metropolitan Police in London – unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to go out on patrol with her, but I was able to ask her about her experiences and used them as inspiration for my book,” explained Eiry.

“When I started to write the book, my sister lived in London so I spent a lot of time up there and got to know certain areas quite well.”


Eiry has adapted several books for children with Gomer – she wrote Cyfrinach Ifan Hopcyn (Gomer 2013) – but this is the first time she has written a novel for adults. Eiry wanted to explore the experiences of a young Welsh woman who was living in London – and this is what is at the heart of this novel.

“I do sympathise with Carys,” said Eiry. “She is a young woman who has reached a cross-roads in her life and young women come under all sorts of different pressures these days.”

“She has always put her career first but now that she is getting older, she has some tough decisions to make and things don’t always turn out as she’d like or expect.”

Eiry was keen to write a novel with an urban setting. “There aren’t many recent Welsh language novels set in a city,” said Eiry. “There are so many young Welsh living such interesting lives in places like London, Liverpool or Manchester.”

As well as writing, Eiry works as a curriculum development officer for National Centre for Learning Welsh – she has also taught Welsh in Patagonia.

Gomer’s Publishing Director Meirion Davies said that Eiry’s move to writing literature for adults is an exciting one. “Eiry is already an experienced children’s author and it’s great to see her developing. Her first novel is very confident, topical and really grabs the reader’s attention.”

Glas a Gwyrdd by Eiry Miles is available in local bookshops for £7.99 or on the Gomer website

For further information contact Gomer’s Marketing Officer Cathryn Ings on e-mail tel 01267 233510.