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In her first collection of poetry in six years, Anna Wigley’s Ghosts is a book of summonings and recollections in which mortality and the passage of time are a source of puzzlement and wonder.

The past is ever present, where memory and history are as real as everyday existence for the poet. The apparitions which haunt her are often those people, places and creatures that have touched her life most deeply, but they are also those casual encounters that continue to excite and scare her, to confound and console her. In photos and fires, in caskets and scars, they are the ghosts of owls and shrews, of soldiers and surgeons, of Cleopatra and the girl next door.

Anna says, “This emphasis on the dead was not consciously intentional, though mortality must have been much on my mind of late; a consequence perhaps of creeping middle age, a cancer diagnosis three years back, and the death of several loved ones.

“The collection is not morbid, however; I hope it expresses above all a kind of love, since all grief is a form of love, and all tributes and elegies are written out of affection and admiration.”

On behalf of Gomer Press, editor Ceri Wyn Jones, added,

“Anna Wigley has long been one of the jewels in Wales’s poetic crown, and it is great ­to see another stunning collection come from the presses.”

Prize-winning Anna Wigley lives in Cardiff. Her work has appeared in such prestigious publications as the Forward Poems of the Decade and Readings for Funerals, and has been read on BBC Radio 4’s Poetry Please and Something Understood. Ghosts is her fourth poetry collection following The Bird Hospital (2002), Dürer’s Hare (2005) and Waking in Winter (2009), all published by Gomer and exceptionally well received.

Ghosts is published by Gomer Press and is available from all good bookshops and online retailers.


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