Dead White

Language: English

Translated by: Gwen Parrott

ISBN: 9781785622939

Current Publication Date: February 2019

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 240

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It's 1947 and Della Arthur, the new schoolmistress, has jsut arrived in rural Pembrokeshire during the worst snowstorms the area has suffered in years. Forced to take shelter in a nearby farmhouse, what she discovers within will draw her into an investigation hampered by a community knotted in secrets.

Why isn't anyone mourning Glenys and Leonard Hughes? Why does no one want to involve the police? Why must the bodies be moved under cover of darkness? Inquisitive and determined, Della sets out in search of the truth, accompanied by the most unexpected of allies.

"A bright, vulnerable, likeable protagonist." Chris West, author of Death of a Blue Lantern.

Translation of Gwyn Eu Byd (2010).