Tree Of Leaf And Flame


Language: English

Illustrated by: Brett Breckon

ISBN: 9781848513877

Current Publication Date: 2012

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 96

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I wish I could tell you that their story ends here... If only every story could have a happy ending! Triumphs are hard won in this world of bold warriors, resourceful wives and scheming spellbinders. How the storyteller would love to leave his heroes and heroines happy... but he has a duty to wring every moment of trial and danger from the tales he tells.

In Tree of Leaf and Flame, award-winning storyteller Daniel Morden retells the Four Branches of the Mabinogi, an intertwining set of tales from the Middle Ages. Mysterious, dreamlike, they link two worlds: that everyday world we all inhabit, and Annwn, a magic Otherworld where nothing is as it seems.

Tree of Leaf and Flame won the 2013 Tir na n-Og English Award.