Three Journeys


Language: English

ISBN: 9781848512016

Current Publication Date: 2011

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 218

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Three Journeys is part reminiscence, part gazeteer, part portrait gallery, and turns on Byron Rogers’s experiences of growing up in, and leaving, Wales.

The first journey is into his family’s old unchanged Welsh-speaking countryside, whilst the second takes him into the old English-speaking garrison town where he was brought up and where he continues to find ‘the wittiest, and the strangest, people I have ever known.’ The third is a journey into exile, itself part of the Welsh experience, and into that increasing, even obsessive, interest in the past which exile prompts, a past which is only a fingernail away.

With archaeological zeal, each journey unearths snippets, stories and histories that have long been hidden away, forgotten or ignored, some comic, some fantastical, and some genuinely poignant.

‘This is a book that was waiting to happen, but there was no one there. It is not just ordinary history, it is the contemplation of a whole country from exile. And in a way, we are all here...

It had to be a radical selection, anecdotal and proudly burlesque. Three Journeys is a sort of love-song along the highways and byways of Welsh forgetfulness.’
Bobi Jones