Welsh Rugby Captains

Language: English

Illustrated by: Huw Evans

ISBN: 9781848512115

Current Publication Date: 2010

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 160

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To lead one's national team on to the field of play must be the greatest sporting honour that a country can bestow - particularly if that country happens to be Wales, and especially if the field of play in question is a rugby one!

61 of those privileged players are featured in Welsh Rugby Captains, each having been interviewed in turn by Alun Wyn Bevan, and each affording us an insight into the emotional, technical and tactical challenges faced by those who have been at the helm.

They also tell us about their favourite matches and moments, and choose those players who have made a lasting impression upon them. What's more, many of those moments and players are captured here in the kind of stunning action photography which allows you to hear each heartbeat and feel each tackle.

The authors, Alun Wyn Bevan and Huw Evans, and the publishers, Gomer Press, will donate the royalty payments from this book to the Stepping Stones Appeal at Velindre Hospital, Whitchurch, Cardiff.

To find out more about the charity click on the Captain's Climb website