A Corris Celebration


Language: English

ISBN: 9781848510500

Current Publication Date: 2009

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 84

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Those who witnessed the closure of the Corris Railway in 1948 may well have been disappointed but were hardly surprised at that event. Sixty years later, however, any survivors of that era must be astounded by the regeneration of the old railway. The restoration process, started gradually during the late 1960s, has gained increasing momentum, particularly in recent years. A Corris Celebration is a picture album which records some of the highlights of this remarkable transformation.

The old Corris has exercised a peculiar charm down the years - for locals and visitors alike - from the halcyon days of manager J.R. Dix to the years of deteriation under the control of the Great Western. Even then, as the embers died slowly during the final years of 'Goods Only' operation, it exuded a strong appeal for those enthusiasts who troubled to know it, as it continued to demonstrate that special magic which fixed it in the memory and in the heart.

This charisma did not vanish with the closure of 1948 but survivies today and is demonstrated by the dedication and skill of the volunteers who have successfully reopened the line between Corris and Maes-poeth. They wait impatiently for funds and opportunity to the extend the track down the valley towards Tan-y-coed.

The little trains wove a magic in the past which was out of all proportion to the scale of the railway and there are healthy indications that the 'new' Corris demonstrates the same kind of enchantment as the old line. The coming years beckon optimistically; they undoubtedly herald exciting times ahead.