Dark Tales From The Woods


Language: English

Illustrated by: Brett Breckon

ISBN: 9781843235835

Current Publication Date: 2006

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 102

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Further and further she went into the woods following the trail of blood...

The forest is a strange place, at times a testing-ground, at times a place to hide. Mary goes there in pursuit of Caley whilst Tom strikes a cruel bargain with his starving brother. Anwen dreams of mysterious leaves whilst Jack must chop down all the trees in the wood - or lose his head.

In Dark Tales from the Woods Daniel Morden draws on the stories of Abram Wood, the celebrated king of the gypsies who came to Wales in the beginning of the eighteenth century. Daniel has added his distinctive voice to the old gypsy tales, the thread of menace strong, rich and dark in this spine-tingling collection.

"Dark Tales from the Woods are the real thing, reminiscent of many of the grimmest Grimms' tales. Retold by the Welsh storyteller Daniel Morden from originals by the celebrated king of the Gypsies, Abram Wood, these fairytales draw on common stock but have their own unique cadence and charm...Gruesome, fantastical and hypnotic, Morden's stories show why the fairy world will never lose its power over our imaginations." Amanda Craig, The Times

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Review:- Big Issue-August 2006

"Dark Tales weaves a magical spell of literary mischief that will make this book a hit with both adults and older children." Becky Jordan