Wicked Wales: The Troublesome Tudors And Sleazy Stuarts

Iaith: English

Arlunydd: Graham Howells

ISBN: 9781848511682

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 2010

Ffurf: Clawr Meddal

Nifer o Dudalennau 144

Teitl ar gael ar ffurf:

  1. Manylion y llyfr
  2. Cipolwg Cyflym
  3. Adolygiadau Llyfr


Read all about it! Wales was wicked. It's official!

We all know that history can be wickedly dull - especially when teachers go on and on...and on...and on! But did you know that in the days of the troublesome Tudors and the sleazy Stuarts:
- people were boiled alive in oil?
- several husbands tried to sell their wives at livestock fairs?
- one bishop was so fond of hanging people that he hanged one man who was already dead?

Learn more about the mad murders, scandalous schools and grisly games of the early moderns. Marvel at their pugnacious piracy, royal wrangles and laughable laws...

It's all here in wicked Wales...

Become a troublesome Tudor expert, and know more than your teachers about the sleazy Stuarts