Shemi's Tall Tales


Language: English

Illustrated by: Jac Jones

ISBN: 9781843239093

Current Publication Date: 2008

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 96

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'Drat! says Shemi, surveying the contents of his pockets. 'No maggots! Now what shall I put on my fishing line instead?'

Ever resourceful, Shemi hooks a currant bun to the end of his line, ties himself to his fishing rod with string, and settles down for an afternoon nap. Imagine his surprise when he wakes to find himself soaring through the air on course for Ireland. His return trip to Wales is odder still - when he arrives home in Goodwick as a human cannonball!

With exploits involving giant crabs and right-angled rifles, Shemi Wâd sounds like pure invention; but in Shemi's Tall Tales storyteller Mary Medlicott succeeds brilliantly in introducing this real-life legend to a new generation of listeners