More Welsh Journeys


Language: English

ISBN: 9781843237389

Current Publication Date: 2006

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 144

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The landscape of Wales in all its variety - and with all its distinctive traditions, history and culture - make the prospect of exploring the country marvellously inviting.

Jamie Owen could have wondered the length and breadth of his native country at a leisurely pace, occasionally stopping, as poet W.H.Davies did, 'to stand and stare.' But he just had to experiment with modes of travel as well: horseriding, sailing, cycling, driving, campervanning. And yes, he did some of the exploring on foot.

But there was time to stand and stare as well, and to meet fascinating people. From artists, farmers, historians, entrepreneurs, volunteers, geologists and musicians. He learned a great deal about the nature of life in different parts of Wales today. As he shares his journeys in this book, change is the major theme that emerges; there's often less physical change than one might expect, but there's a change in thinking, as many of Wales's inhabitants strive to preserve and protect what is valuable in our environment and in our society. And travel itself, the author confesses, can be life-changing.

Readers will no doubt be inspired to make these six Welsh journeys for themselves, and to witness at first hand some of the stunning views captured in the photography which complements the narrative.

This book accompanies the BBC Wales television series, Welsh Journeys.

The chapters in this book include:
Tal-y-llyn: Magic on Rails
Sailing to the Severn: Storm and Sunshine
Border Country: Pedalling on the Frontier
Preseli: Hill Country on Horseback
Mid-Wales: A Green Journey
Gower: Seaside Camping