Durer's Hare


Language: English

ISBN: 9781843234982

Current Publication Date: 2005

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 72

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Durer's Hare is Anna Wigley's second collection of poems. And as in the critically-acclaimed The Bird Hospital, here again she demonstrates her intuitive appreciation of the natural world in a series of precise and concise evocations. This affinity to the creatures and places of nature also informs her poignant exploration of human relationships, whilst those experiences in turn colour her response to the sights and sounds of the world around her.

She often takes us to specific locations but hers are not parochial poems. They are poems for those who wish to stand and stare at the permanence of the passing moment:

For she's here only for a moment,
Durer's Hare;
the frame can barely hold her.
Her shadow is a shifting thing,
slippery as a raincloud in wind,
and even as you look,
twitches to be gone.

"A great talent rising..." (Stevie Davies)

"An unusually gifted poet..." (Poetry Wales)

"One of the most exciting authors to emerge in Wales in recent years..." (The Western Mail)