The Wright Taste


Language: English

ISBN: 1843239175

Current Publication Date: 2008

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 144

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The recipe:
1 food critic
1 virgin farmer
(either will do, as long as he's fresh and green)
1 sweet-natured Welsh Black bullock and his misanthropic half-brother
4 psychopathic ducks
a dozen belligerent and bewildered sheep
5 pigs with eating disorders
6 geese with anger management issues
30 free-range chickens prone to petty squabbling

Place the ingredients in a lush West Wales landscape, add a dash of naivety, a tablespoon of idealism and a liberal sprinkling of incompetence. Gently warm over a flame of passion, stir in the help of some friends and finally season with a little ridicule.

Simon Wright is one of Britain's leading food critics. He is a former editor of the AA Restaurant Guide and has worked as the Restaurant Consultant on every episode of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. He is also a partner in the award-winning restaurant Y Polyn, near his home in west Wales. All these things mean he is well qualified to comment on the quality of the food we eat. His credentials as a farmer are, however, far less impressive.
In The Wright Taste Simon learns the realities of farming the hard way, drawing on the experience and support of a series of obliging but sceptical friends as he struggles with rebellious sheep, ailing chickens and bloody-minded cattle. It's a demanding, comical and sometimes emotional struggle to try and produce meat that will satisfy some of Britain's top chefs - and, ultimately his harshest critic, himself.

"Running a farm? Getting up at 4.30 in the morning? You're having a laugh." Gordon Ramsay

"He's got a great palate and a real sense of what's good and what's not" Heston Blumenthal

The Wright Tast - Recipes and Other Stories is the story of one man's meat and how to cook it