Snowdon Shepherd


Language: English

Illustrated by: Keith Bowen

ISBN: 9781848510876

Current Publication Date: 2009

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 88

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Snowdon Shepherd, first published in 1991, remains a landmark publication in which the artist pays homage to the landscape and way of life of those farming families with whom he worked. Despite many other achievements since this first collection, Keith Bowen's respect for Welsh hill farmers in their own cynefin or setting, remains central to his work.

'The most widely-known word in the vocabulary of the Snowdon shepherd is cynefin, meaning as an adjective "familiar", as a noun "habitat". It refers generally to the Welsh sheep's inherited knowledge of its own grazing boundaries, beyond which it will not stray, but it applies too to everything that this books represents between its lines and lovely colours; the steadfastness of a community, the unchanging strength of a countryside, the power of a tradition and the character of a people."
Jan Morris