Language: English

Illustrated by: Wolf Marloh

ISBN: 9781843238195

Current Publication Date: 2008

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 192

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'It's a fragment of land at the edge,
first landfall after the Irish sea.'

For Christine Evans, the lure of island life is indisputable. Since her first visit to Bardsey, over forty years ago, she has spent every summer on the island, amassing a remarkable knowledge of its history, its people, its wildlife and its weather. She knows the realities of community life, and is ideally placed to challenge the romantic image of a remote, abandoned place which is sometimes offered by other media. Hers are real stories - which she chooses to share here, in evocative prose and a fine selection of island poems.

The writer's words are complemented by the stunning photographs of Wolf Marloh. With imagination and wit, he offers a visual interpretation of the same three themes as the poet herself - at first sight, living on the island; horizons. Together they present a magnificent celebration of Ynys Enlli, the island that is Bardsey