Hands Off Wales

Language: English

ISBN: 9781848516694

Current Publication Date: 2013

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 472

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11 February 1963. A bomb explodes at the dam construction site at Tryweryn, the north Wales valley which is to be flooded to provide water for the people of Liverpool. Three men are arrested; two are subsequently jailed. 1 July 1969. A bomb explodes in Love Lane, Caernarfon, on the day of Charles Windsor's Investiture as Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle. It is one of many devices detonated during the year, some with tragic consequences. Of those arrested and jailed, John Jenkins receives the longest sentence: ten years. 26 May 1999. The Queen and Prince Charles officially open the National Assembly of Wales. The 1960s urged us to 'Give peace a chance'. The same decade also taught us, however, that significant social, cultural and political advances are often rooted in less peaceful protests. And whilst militancy is rarely the only weapon in a minority's struggle against oppression, it is often the only one which cannot be ignored. Hands Off Wales is a superbly researched account and analysis of the militant campaigns carried out in the name of Welsh political nationalism between 1963 and 1969. Its authority derives from the revealing series of interviews that Wyn Thomas has conducted with the major figures involved in those campaigns and subsequent prosecutions, and with those who, officially and unofficially, fought to thwart the militants. 'The established history of the Tryweryn and Anti-Investiture Campaigns.' Dr. John Davies 'It may not be palatable in some quarters, but the events in this book did happen...This work is destined to be the definitive historical analysis of the events leading up to Welsh devolution...' John Jenkins 'This book will undoubtedly be central to the understanding of Tryweryn by future students of Welsh history and the public at large because of the breadth and depth of Wyn Thomas's research.' Emyr Llywelyn 'I cannot insist enough on the value of this work.' Ray Kendall 'This is an important book on an important topic in both Welsh and British history.' Dr. Martin Johnes.