Buildings And Places In Welsh History

Language: English

ISBN: 9781848516601

Current Publication Date: 2013

H. V. Bowen

Format: Paperback

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We all know our Welsh history, don't we? And we know where that history was played out: we don't need to look any further than the castles and mansions, the churches and battlefields, and, of course, the famous mountains and valleys of Wales. Or, do we? This collection of essays asks us to think again about the celebrity locations, like Cardiff, Strata Florida and Snowdon, and to consider the importance of more obscure places, like Lodge Hill, Penallta and Aberlleiniog. And what of the M4 and the unsung soccer grounds of Wales, not to mention corners of foreign fields that are, like Mametz Wood, forever Wales? Like the previous books in the series, this too is the result of a collaboration between the Western Mail and a group of twenty-three historians who form part of History Research Wales. It has been edited by H.V. Bowen, Professor of Modern History at Swansea University.