Language: English

ISBN: 9781785622816

Current Publication Date: October 2018

Format: Paerback

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Cwmbach is a village with a secret: a springy, delicious flavoured secret. Bananabeeyumio is a buttery/fudgey/cakey treat with an extra special ingredient - one that can literally turn legs into springs! And when 11-year-old Charlie accidentally lets the cat out of the bag, he will have to put his athletic ability and his integrity to the test to keep the secret, and his village, safe. Charlie finds himself enrolled at the Cardiff Academy for Sporting Heroes (CASH), a dream come true for a young sports fanatic. But the atmosphere at CASH is all competition, all the time - will Charlie manage to keep up his springy secret while he struggles to keep up with his new friends? When nosy house mistresses, evil neighbours, and a band of money-hungry kidnappers enter the mix, Charlie learns that some secrets are meant to be shared, and that he'll need the help of everyone he loves if he's going to be up to the challenge of Cwmbach safe.