Second Thoughts : The Teachers' Book


Language: English

ISBN: 9781843233763

Current Publication Date: 2005

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 40

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"Very few young people who pass through our schools will write poetry as adults. But all of them will lead a richer life if they develop confidence in their communication skills. An introduction to the enjoyment of poetry in childhood is a doorway to that confident use of language in adult life." Neil Nuttall.

The publication of Thoughts Like an Ocean broke new ground in the teaching of poetry. Universal themes set within the variety and richness of contemporary Welsh experience stimulated sparky response and lively discussion in classrooms the length and breadth of Wales and beyond.

Second Thoughts and its accompanying Teachers' Book combine and develop those features which made Thoughts Like an Ocean so successful in raising confidence in the teaching of poetry:

- A vibrant selection of poems from raps to reveries
- Newer poets as well as long established names
- Detailed suggestions for performance and discussion of individual poems
- Scope - and suggestions - for comparison and contrast
- Ideas for response which will support the most reluctant of students and teachers
- Suggestions for writing which offer an insight into the poets craft
- A virtuous circle of speaking, listening, reading and writing ideas.