Full Moon


Language: English

ISBN: 9781848513969

Current Publication Date: 2011

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 224

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"You're a wolf!" she whispered.

Meet Nia. She's a normal teenager, who likes clothes, make-up and boys . . . but isn't quite so keen on schoolwork. She loves her family to bits though she wishes they could be just a little more ordinary.

There's Mam, who can't act for toffee, but is desperate to be a TV star... big sister, Ceri, who's been offered a part in a TV series, but is worried about Mam's jealous reaction . . . and little brother, Steffan, who thinks he's a superhero . . .

And then there's Aunty Gwen, who's been mugged. She's safe, but lying in a hospital bed and fretting about a mysterious house guest. The moon is already rising when Nia visits her aunt's house and finds a strange boy in the cellar..

Full Moon won the Tir na n-Og Award in 2012 for the best English-language book for children.