The Asparagus Thieves

Iaith: English

ISBN: 9781785622229

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: October 2017

Ffurf: Soft Cover

Nifer o Dudalennau 272

Teitl ar gael ar ffurf:

  1. Manylion y llyfr
  2. Cyfieithiad
  3. Adolygiadau Llyfr


After five years, Corinthia appears in front of Daniel "Post" Jones on the single train platform in their tiny pocket of suburbia like an apparition. Soon she is gone again. In another time, another Daniel Jones fills three raised beds with asparagus, planting - and panning - for a future beyond the war, when the reluctant master of Tallis Hall will come home. Corinthia's restless travel lands her in trouble more dangerous than she bargained for, and more confining than village life ever was. Her only hope is Post Jones, armed with nothing more than a text message and the desire, for once, to do something bold. Post and Corinthia fight to return home to Wales; Daniel and John fight to keep their family from ruin. And at the centre of it all is Tallis Hall, the crumbling garden, and a few sprigs of long-lived asparagus.