Green Isles Of The Ocean


Iaith: English

Arlunydd: Fran Evans

ISBN: 9781843234210

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 2005

Ffurf: Clawr Meddal

Nifer o Dudalennau 32

Teitl ar gael ar ffurf:

  1. Manylion y llyfr
  2. Adolygiadau Llyfr


Teg is the kind of dog, who keeps at least one eye open. More than that, he keeps his mind open. That must be why Teg is the first, the very first, to spot the fairies who come to market to buy corn. Every time they come the little people leave a golden coin. Even so, Griff, Teg's owner, does not really understand what is happening. "Can't say that I'm sure about fairies myself, he says doubtfully.

But soon Griff will see a wondrous sight. Out at sea, there are islands - one, two, three - that were not there before. Griff, an excited Teg and Mali the curious cat, all set off to see these magic places for themselves..