Child Of Dust


Iaith: English

ISBN: 9781843234913

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 2005

Ffurf: Clawr Meddal

Nifer o Dudalennau 192

Teitl ar gael ar ffurf:

  1. Manylion y llyfr
  2. Adolygiadau Llyfr


32 stories: most of them short, many of them shorter, all of them compelling.

Child of Dust is full of dreamers and copers, of stoics and stars, all determined to be true to themselves. In telling their tales, Mike Jenkins combines the comic and tragic, the coarse and poetic, the quirky and the commonplace. And although many of the stories are written in the Merthyr dialect, they belie the traditional stereotypes of Valleys' life and literature.