Cadi's World: Shopping 2


Language: English

Illustrated by: Suzanne Carpenter

ISBN: 9781848510104

Current Publication Date: 2009

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 32

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Written to support Knowledge and Understanding of the World for more experienced learners in the Foundation Phase, Shopping 2 contains a wealth of materials connected with sustainable shopping, including Banana Surprise (a story about the perils of shopping with a bored seven-year-old), an information book about how shopping has changed over the years and a set of A3 photographic cards showing not only where and how we shop in Wales, but also where some of our purchases come from. In addition, the interactive CD-ROM, complete with talking book, offers a range of activities, including a visit to St Lucia. These, and a comprehensive teachers’ handbook, make Shopping 2 a bargain buy at £25!