Coming Home: Wales After The War


Language: English

ISBN: 9781843234760

Current Publication Date: 2005

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 110

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The Second World War lasted six long years – and a day. And in the mixture of relief and euphoria that marked the victory celebrations of 1945, there was also an admission that things would never be the same again. In spite of promises to the contrary, things would not be returning to normal.

This was as keenly felt in Wales as anywhere in the world. And in this sequel to his bestselling book Wales at War, Phil Carradice sets out to tell the stories of those ordinary Welsh people who, having survived the extraordinary conditions of the war, now had to get used to its aftermath.

For those who remember the street parties and the de-mobbing, and the end of the blackouts and the ration books, here is a chance to compare experiences and emotions. For those too young to remember, here is a chance to learn what it was really like; to read the first-hand accounts of returning soldiers and their wives and children, as well as of those whose civilian duties had contributed more subtly to the wider war effort. These accounts, drawn from conversations with the author, are the real words of real survivors.

This coming home took some getting used to. For a happy few, it was a relatively simple process. For most, however, it would take years to adjust. And for those who had lost sons and daughters, partners and loved ones, the pain of war would never go away.

But, the people of Wales had fought that war to create a better world. 1945 was a new beginning. A golden era beckoned...

This book accompanies the BBC Radio Wales series Wales After the War, which featured men and women who told their own fascinating stories of the transition from a wartime to a peacetime Wales.